Experience the health magnetism of the PMT 100

The healing and regenerative powers of electromagnetism are a natural force in health and wellbeing. Magnetic pulse generation technology builds on the Earth's life-shielding force fields to heal, harmonise and protect the body. Leading the field is the PMT 100 - a professional grade pulsed electro-magnetic frequency (PEMF) generator. The PMT 100 delivers electromagnetic therapy to re-energise damaged cells, ease pain and help restore the body to optimum health.

Why is electromagnetic energy important?

Electromagnetic forces play a fundamental role in everyday life - both inside the body and in the world at large. The Earth's magnetic field protects us from damaging particles and radiation. And inside the body, every cell and organ is affected by electromagnetism. This includes the power supply in our own cells known as mitochondria, which in turn drive a cellular energy source known as ATP (adenosine triphosphate). ATP powers every bodily function and action, including muscle contraction and movement.

With the Earth's natural magnetic field growing steadily weaker over the last century and a half, interest in magnetic pulse generation technology such as the PMT 100 has intensified.

How does pulsating electromagnetic energy work?

Pulsed electro-magnetic frequency (PEMF) devices like the PMT 100 direct electrical energy via a series of magnetic pulses to stimulate the body's natural healing process. PEMF has been found to be particularly effective in the treatment of inflammation and bone fractures - including non-union types where the broken bone fails to heal. The electromagnetic signals penetrate the body to stimulate cellular repair, helping tissues and bones to heal, whilst also delivering deep pain relief.

It's this effective action that has led PEMF to become a recognised medical therapy, not only receiving Federal Drugs Administration (FDA) approval in the US for bone healing and pain relief, but also in the treatment of depression.

In the area of health and wellbeing, a professional grade device such as the PMT 100 also acts as a potent antiageing therapy.

As we've discovered, electromagnetic energy is a key component in healthy cell growth and development, while a deficiency can affect our energy levels and general wellbeing.

The PMT 100's deep magnetic pulse generation acts to boost our body's own energy makers, the cellular mitochondria and ATP. Helping to build up cellular energy levels and stimulate cell metabolism, it also improves circulation and optimises the flow of oxygen around the body. And all this enhanced cellular stimulation acts to detoxify the body and expel toxins.

Electromagnetic activity also helps to fine tunet the body and protect against illness and disease, through a process known as Magnetically Induced Cellular Exercise - or M.I.C.E for short. The benefits of M.I.C.E on the body have led to it being described as akin to taking part in regular physical exercise, but without the strain and exertion on the body (a 'no sweat' approach to health and wellbeing).

Cellular exercise through M.I.C.E may also help to guard against disease through its stimulation of a bodily process known as Autophagy. Autophagy is at the heart of cellular breakdown and the relocation of energy to where it's needed most in the body. It has also been linked to offering added protection against infection and diseases such as cancer, diabetes and a range of chronic conditions.

PEMF treatments and benefits

Magnetic pulse technology is successfully used in medicine the world over to treat a wide variety of conditions.

While it is perhaps best known in relation to pain relief, inflammation and bone healing, PEMF technology has treated patients with conditions as diverse as cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, depression, autism, diabetes, arthritis and many other ailments. PEMF machines are also used in equine medicine to heal and re-energise horses.

PEMF's versatility lies in the technology's ability to
re-energise cells, repair damaged tissue and effectively reduce pain. As we've discovered, this works at a cellular level in our bodies.

Oxygenation is a fundamental part of this process. Just as our lungs need oxygen, it is also a driving force in our cells. Stimulating increased oxygen supply to cells fires tiny electro-magnetic pulses that generate the very energy of life. Every life process relies on millions of tiny electromagnetic charges, and if cells aren’t properly energised with oxygen, then the body can’t heal effectively.

The phrase ‘recharge your batteries’ is an apt way to describe the benefits of using the PMT 100. The cells – right through the body - are being re-energised with each pulse wave. These PEMF frequencies not only increase blood flow deep down, but also optimise the effective conversion of nutrients and oxygen in the body.

On a cellular level, oxygenated and alkalized cells are better able to function. This brings a host of benefits, not least in the treatment of pain. From back, neck and joint problems to healing after surgery, pain is addressed through PEMF's action to stimulate repair and reduce inflammation.

By putting the PMT 100 directly on the sites of pain or tissue damage, a remarkable process takes place once the electromagnetic waves are activated. Testimonials are emphatically positive about PEMF treatment – especially for those with chronic pain problems. Oral drugs, invasive surgery and injections can all be avoided, as the healing happens deep down within bones, muscles and organs.

PEMF’s success at pain management lies in its ability to dramatically affect nerve cells – essential for our body to interpret and deal with pain. The firing of millions of nerve endings results in a completely drug-free antidote to pain. Combine this with active cellular repair and the healing process is under control.

PEMF - a tried and tested therapy

The use of magnetic therapy in medicine dates back more than 500 years.

Modern day research initially focused on the power of electromagnetic energy to help heal bones. PEMF technology was subsequently approved by the FDA for the clinical treatment of bone fractures.

Numerous medical studies have scrutinised PEMF's role in this area. Research published in the journal of Bone and Joint Surgery showed PEMF therapy resulted in an 87% healing rate of bone grafts with non-union fractures.

PEMF's ability to ease pain was recognised in a 2007 clinical study which described it as a 'novel, safe and effective therapeutic tool' in the treatment of non-malignant pain.

Cancer studies have shown that exposure to PEMF waves inhibits growth of human tumour cells, and encourages anti-tumour agents to flow more freely in the body - specifically at the sites of cancer.

As a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease, PEMF has been found to improve visual and short term memory, drawing ability and spatial awareness, and to aid mood and social interaction.

Numerous studies involving Parkinson’s disease have demonstrated PEMF's ability to help sufferers through improved motor control, greater cognitive powers, and in some cases a reversal of symptoms altogether.

In the treatment of heart disease, PEMF has been found to improve circulation and vascular tone, control hypertension and help to regulate cardiac rhythm. Pulsed magnetic therapy is FDA approved for the treatment of depression. Studies have cited its effectiveness, without the potential side effects of antidepressants and drug based therapy. Patients suffering from major depression experienced a significant reduction in depressive symptoms through PEMF treatment. A study in the Journal of Neuroscience also noted its effectiveness in relation to seasonal depression, stimulating deep regions of the brain and the natural release of serotonin.

Studies involving diabetes showed PEMF to be effective in 74% of patients, reducing vascular complications and giving a hugely improved healing ability for those with purulent (pus) wounds.

For Multiple Sclerosis, electromagnetic treatment quickly led to improvements in a variety of areas, including mood, fatigue, sleep levels, vision, bladder function, movement and speech.

Why Choose the PMT 100?

Not all PEMF models on the market generate the magnetic strength that's required for effective electro-magnetic therapy.
Sometimes the Earth's natural magnetic field may diminish or even cancel out the therapeutic effects of weaker machines.

The PMT 100 stands out as a state-of-the-art, professional grade magnetic pulse generator. With an impressive magnetic field strength (from around 1000 gauss to a maximum field intensity of around 2000 gauss), and wide range of frequencies, it has the power to deliver healing and energising therapy deep inside the cells and bones of our bodies.

All this is delivered in complete comfort and safety, with the reassurance of no side effects.

The PMT 100 is also extremely versatile. While it delivers effective muscle contraction and stimulation capabilities - key for healing and to rebuild muscle strength - the PMT 100 is designed as an all-round device, and to address a variety of medical conditions and health needs.

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